Friday, October 7, 2016

Life update!

My gosh, it has been ages since I've been here with you!  Not that I am not thinking about it, but life has gotten somewhat more complex, though all in a good way!

It is a complicated telling, but essentially I am moving 90% of my belongings to my new home in Idaho on the other coast.  You can see me in the midst of this in this picture.  The movers come on October 26, and believe it or not, I've a lot more to do, like the kitchen and closets....

Why not move it all?  Because I will not move there permanently until June of 2018.  Nonetheless I am moving so many things because I will be in my new home for six months starting in January.  I've sold this home to dear friends (or will have in early December).  They want to renovate some areas of this lovely but very old house.  So while I am away, I want to leave them as much space as possible to do whatever they need or want to do!

I am leaving behind the bare minimum of dishes, clothes, furniture, etc. (and ok, slightly more than that for art stuff, lol!) because when I return I will rent my former home from my friends whilst they ready their home for sale.  Whew!

So, not a lot of time or space to do artful things, but am trying to follow everyone's wonderful makes in the meantime.  And I am trying to learn how to sketch/paint in watercolor as I figured that is something I can travel with readily since I will be in Nicaragua for 4 weeks in early 2017 for my sabbatical.  Here are a few images.... I am taking Gina Rossi Armfield's "No Excuses Watercoloring" class online - it is wonderful!!  And do not judge the class by my work - I am just learning :-)

Hope to join back in the creation part of blogland come the new year, if not before.... and in the meantime, thank you all for such incredible inspiration and beautiful projects!!  

Miss you all!  xxx Lynn

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Musin' about Infusions for Paper Artsy!

When I saw the call from Leandra for a chance to participate in the July 3UP, I immediately submitted my name, and was thrilled when I was named to the Lynne Perrella/PA Infusions team, along with Ellie and Autumn!  As some of you will know, I am a huge fan of Lynne's work, including her stamps - in fact, I used one of her Japanese images for my first posting with Brenda's 2015 Visual Journey, and continue to look toward Lynne's collections for many of my makes.

Leandra was more than generous!!  We each got three stamp sets, AND four colors of the new Infusions to play with....  I had Are You Cerise, Violet Storms, The Sage, and Black Knight.  After a LOT of experimenting, as you will see below, I ended up using Are You Cerise and Violet Storms.... and decided to showcase different substrates.  So let's get going!  And PS, this is very photo heavy!  And as usual, forgive the funky spacing....sigh.

Here is the final project, with five different substrates.

The first layer is Bristol paper with gesso tinted with Are You Cerise, and then more plain gesso applied with my fingers to knock it back a bit, and to get some texture for the next step.

Once the Bristol board was dry, I added more Infusion powder and water.    I kept everything towards the edge as I knew the center would  be covered.

The next layer was created on matte photo paper, using Violet Storms.  This is the finished layer, which has a thin edging of Lindy's Stamp Gang Midnight Copper embossing powder.

I applied several layers of the Violet Storms and generous amounts of water, letting it dry thoroughly between repeat applications to achieve the final effect.

The next layers are the Michelle Ward stencil flourishes, which are Violet Storms on glossy photo paper....These are actually mono prints made on the powdered and moistened stencil.  Further down, you will see some other stenciling approaches.

The layer behind the Lynne Perrella image is watercolor paper, using the Violet and Cerise colors.  You can see how the various substrates affect the brightness as well as the spread of color and those wonderful specks of walnut powder, which make the Infusions so unique.  

The lady herself is stamped with Stayzon onto Yupo paper that had been sprinkled very lightly with Violet Storms, spritzed and left to dry.  I got this idea from Helen Chilton, who has made some beautiful pieces using the Infusions and Yupo.  The Infusions dry very light colored on this synthetic paper; I love the marble look I got.  But I need a lot more practice to achieve Helen's outcomes, lol!

So now onto the other experiments!

Here is Grunge Paste through a script stencil, then sprinkled with Black Knight, and water - then left to dry.  I've learnt that to keep the beautiful mingling evident in the detail shot, I need to dry with the heat tool.  Otherwise, things continue to meld, and one loses all that lovely distinct color, as you can see in the dry piece.

Next, some stenciling.... on card with some mono prints as well.

The left is mono print on card, and the right is on Yupo.

Here are more examples on Yupo, left to dry.

Here is paper monoprinted from the above stencil directly.
This is a second print, made after I spritzed the stencil with water again, on matte photo paper.
Here are some example  using The Sage on the left, with various amounts of water, and with Violet Storms and The Sage on a tag.

Here I played with Are You Cerise on watercolor paper and a lot of water.

I saw Ruth's posting so tried some of The Sage with 3D matte gel.

Here is an example of a stencil onto Yupo, with a lot of water, and then dried.  The darker colors penetrate the Yupo for a lovely ghosted effect.

Since that worked so well, I thought I would try a script stencil on Yupo.  Here you can also see some mono print tags (with backwards script!)

Here is the dried Yupo - but this time when I wiped it off, I essentially lost everything....

A couple of mop up tags.

Another technique from Helen, which is to rub the powders into the paper first, then wet.  I used matt photo paper here....
And you get this....

which some of you will recognize as the background for Paloma when she visited.

Here is an example on watercolor paper - also very lovely!

Here is Bristol paper with rows of Infusion powders, swiped with a very wet mop brush.

And here is the same thing, but the powders were first rubbed into the paper.  I also added some more powder and mopped it as the first layer of color was drying.  The powder continues to react to water, so I got some beautiful washes along with some beautiful deep color.

This turned out to be my favorite piece, but it did not work with my project!

Here is stenciling using Violet Storm and Ranger Glossy Paper.  Again, this is a mono print.

This is deli paper, with The Sage powder sprinkled, water spritzed, and then crinkled  up, then spread apart again to dry.  I think this would make a great background....

  And last, some stamping by rubbing powder onto the stamp, then spritzing and stamping, here on a tag.

Well, that is it for this round!  If you made it this far, thank you for hanging in there with me!  And if you've time, please do comment - I love hearing from you!  xxx Lynn