Monday, January 11, 2016

Art Journal Page for Wanderlust 2016!

I feel a bit behind, as although I've watched the videos and made friends, I've only just returned home from two weeks on the other coast visiting family (and my future home).  That time was absolutely lovely, but I must admit is good to get back to the mess on my craft table, lol!

I loved Kasia's first video, not only for being able to watch her put something fabulous together, but as well for her reminder to stay loose with this, and indulge in one's own preferences, as the Wanderlust Book is a personal journal, for sharing only if one chooses!

If you've not joined Wanderlust, please consider doing so - it is not too late.  This year-long course is all about learning new techniques and materials - from many experts across the continents, and learning from them in "on the ground" workshops would be impossible to duplicate in this year (at least where I live!)

Kasia started us off with an art journal page, inspired by a word of our choice..... my own word morphed many times through the process of creating this page, but at last it was this, which reflects what I am trying to do both mentally here and physically with my daily activities:

There are many wonderful layers to Kasia's approach.... the only thing I did not do was the scratching, as I got caught up in dripping my translucent Liquitex Burnt Umber Ink.... which then dried so dark that I lightened it up with the rubbing alcohol (surgical spirits).

Here are the colors I used for my base:

I was very attracted to Kasia's palette, and thought to use a blue/brown approach - but when I looked at my paint, I went for green, thinking "growth".  I started with generous layer of French Roast (Paper Artsy), and slapped on some of the PA Sage.  and then wondered what would happen if I used one of my favorites, Quinacridone Gold.... it is quite transparent, so I then used the Bleached Sand to ground it.

I do not own any pre-cut chipboard pieces, so chose my favorite Distressed Doily to cut instead, using cereal box weight chipboard.  I cut two pieces, and once trimmed, painted them with the Bleached Sand (white gesso seemed too bright),  Then I adhered them per Kasia's instructions.  I sprayed with Lindy's Stamp Gangs' Golden Lump O' Coal, quite heavily over the doilies and loved how the gold lingered in the lacy pockets once dry.

Next I finger painted some French Roast here and there, lightening up again with the Bleached Sand.... and wrote some journaling with black ink, using a very old calligraphy set I had.   Last, I flicked about some diluted Bleached Sand to lighten things up a bit.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and if you've time, please do leave a comment - I love appreciate them all, as I do you!

xxx Lynn


  1. Wow, wow, wow Lynn, this is one incredible spread!!!! Love your colour palette and oh that background is just stunning!! Brilliant use of that doily die too! Great inspiration! Wanderlust is going to be such a fantastic journey!! I love your first spread!!!!

  2. Your page is fabulous Lynn, I love all the wonderful texture and colour of your background - stunning work!! Anne xx

  3. WOWZERS Lynn!! I am completely in love with this page! Those amazing colours and random splashes just create such a great atmosphere! The doily is a wonderful detail, great piece of texture! Love the handwriting, gives it such a personal touch!! Well done! hugs :)

  4. How utterly AMAZING! These colors woo me and the drips satisfy! I can tell everyone is having a great time with this class. Your work here is outstanding!

  5. You are FABULOUS! You were out of town and now back and now completed and I've been home the whole time and still not started the first pages...bwahahaha...eek! Just got my journal book delivered today from Funkie Junkie, so now that I've seen your pages I'm ready to rock n' roll. Good grief, Lynn. I'm totally impressed. The background colors are so interesting to look at. It reminds me of when you drop cream into a dark rich coffee and the way they meander around the cup and intermix with one another. It's beautiful and those doilies reminded me of the clustered gold like on jewelry....SO pretty! You've knocked out the first assignment with such class.
    Welcome home and happy crafting!!!
    Big hugs,
    Lisa x

  6. When you see it all together it is fabulous!!!!!!! I need to get loose - and looser!
    sandy xx

  7. Fabulous and unspeakably charming! The sand you used contributed a lot to the image. The lighted parts give an impression of something unique and vintage. Thanks for the link to Wanderlust, by the way!
    Hugs from Jess
    PS: Looking forward to hearing from you! And Happy Tuesday!

    1. Hi, Jess -

      Thank for your comments! I've tried to find from prior comments you left a place to reply, to no avail so am using this! Hope you get to see it! Lynn

  8. Wonderful pages - so much depth and delight for the eye (and I'm guessing the fingers too). I love the doily die-cuts for texture especially with that subtle gilding, and the inky painty layers are just beautiful, as is your handwriting. Stunning start to the journey!
    Alison xx

  9. Lynn, I cannot quite explain how I feel when I view your art. There is an exquisite fluidity to your use of media, something which appeals to me and also your colour palette, there is something so wonderfully grounded yet at the same time a light and airy quality. The re-cycled packaging, perfect as is your choice of word. Lynn, don't feel so bad, I haven't managed to watch the videos, don't have an art journal and not decided on my choice of word!

  10. Lovely spread !!! Love these mix of colours!! Wonderful, big hugs. Caty.

  11. What a great time you must be having - this page looks great!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous design and colors! Love the grunge look and your use of the brown tones. Genius use of the doilies! I can't join in with the Wanderlust but am excited to see what everyone creates. I bet there are some amazing tutorials and videos. Have fun with it and thank you for sharing! Hugz! ~Niki

  13. What a stunning piece of work - it reminds me of agate when it's been cut and polished with those wonderful lines and textures - I love the doily with that beautiful texture on it and the hint of gold here and there - just beautiful.

  14. So beautiful Lynn, love your colour palette and how the bits of gold highlight the doily. Have a wonderful time at Wanderlust, what an adventure it will be! Deb xo

  15. Lynn, Wanderlust and you--a perfect match in my thoughts! So envious of your ability to participate in this yearlong adventure. Sigh...maybe next year!

    Beautiful pages, love the grungy palette which would be my choice, too. I looked closely at the names of your paints before I saw you included them in your text--love those names, don't you, especially Bleached Sand and French Roast. Brings to mind aromas and sand between the toes! Your colors are so artfully applied and topping it all off with the gilded doily--LOVE! Great depth and movement on these awesome, inspiring pages! Big round of applause! Hugs!

  16. This looks beautiful Lynn, love the effects on the doily die, wonderful! Ruth xx

  17. I will definitely leave my positive feedback about your paintings. I am not just simply surprised about your talent but feel complete when I look at them. Well done and please keep on doing it! In case you are lost somehow while creating and forgot about your work, please ask thesewriters for the help.

  18. All I can say is only WOW! Your picture is amazing. No doubt you are very talented and creative person. I am hoping the same best work from you in future. Besides, can help you write brilliant descriptions to all your new works!

  19. I just found you &your page via Pinterest & had to stop by to tell you how fab this is.
    My feeling as I viewed your 1st picture was like that of ascending through stormy clouds into the bright heavens above. Ethereal. Beautiful. Then as I looked at the close up it reminded me of ancient maps. I was expecting to see a line drawing of a tall ship close to the 'coastline'��. A moving piece indeed. Think your 2wk break gave you inspiration.
    Will be checking your blog again for sure.
    Best wishes Linda

  20. WOW!! i just came across this page and it is absolutely stunning!!!! i would love to be able to achieve this one day....just wowzer..gorgeous!

  21. stumbled upon one of these pictures of your work on Pinterest and had to visit, see what else you do. I absolutely love this! I'm in Wanderlust too, I've really been enjoying the classes. I'm going to have a look around your blog and see what else you create. I hope there is more!

  22. WOW really love this looking forward to more.