Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I've Been Up To!

Well, after a much lengthier absence than I anticipated a month ago, I have finally cleared the decks and get back to my experiments!  I'll be around to visit all of you and your lovely projects shortly, and hope to post some new things here very soon!  But in the meantime, here is my record of recent activity.

In early March, I attended a workshop by the wonderful mixed media artist, Carol Nelson, held eat the New Braunfels Art League in New Braunfels, Texas (just north of San Antonio).  I met some wonderful folks, and saw lots of creative takes on Carol's assignments over this 4 day workshop.

Here is a piece of painted tyvek (those plastic types of mailers, for instance) that I then ironed!!  It is rubbed with something like Treasure Gold and a similar product in copper.  Below are some more pictures of this technique (and this piece).... love this technique!  You can also use a heat gun, though the patterns will be different.

 Another project was made with plastic foam eating plates!  You'd never guess, even in person!

We also played around with shaving creme and acrylics.... I will definitely be doing this again, as it was easy to get some very interesting detailed patterns.

We also made some acrylic skins with pouring medium and paint....

One of our major efforts was collaging with all of the above, and other papers we had made or altered.  I did not finalize either piece, as I am not happy with the background on this one, or the placement of pieces on the second.  The rust piece on this is an acrylic skin made with Quin Gold and some metallic copper paint.  You can also see of my shaving cream paper here.... and some tyvek on the second piece.

The other thing I've been up to is making two blocks for a wedding quilt at the request of a dear friend for her son's upcoming marriage.  This was challenging not only because it has been several years since I have done any design and construction work in fabric, but mostly because I have already moved my entire quilt studio (fabric, tools, tables, Bernina sewing machine, ironing board, etc.) out to my new home, lol!  But I do have a small inexpensive Singer that I have as a backup (having learned the hard way in the midst of a deadline on a commission that Bernina machines are not fixed overnight - and even though they have very few problems if well maintained, it can happen!)  So I bought and solicited fabric donations from another friend.... and here is what emerged.  We were each asked to choose one or two themes from a list significant to the soon-to-be-married couple:

A wood campfire, based on a free-hand New York Beauty design.

and tomatoes and basil, the first of which is based on Ruth McDowell's freezer paper technique, and the rest is of my design.... those triangles are supposed to be chopped tomatoes, lol!

So although these things were all fun and stimulating - I cannot wait to get back into the challenges and keeping up with all of you!

Thanks so much for stopping by..... I appreciate your time and any thoughts!  xxx Lynn


  1. Wow, Lynn, that Tyvek piece is gorgeous in color and texture! Love the organic look! I've read about that stuff, but haven't gotten my hands on any. You look like you had the opportunity to try a lot of techniques and that shaving cream looks like fun! Great quilt pieces,too! Your stitching is immaculate! So did you visit TX just for the workshop? I lived in San Antonio for a brief time,but never got to visit New Braunfels. Great to see you back on board! Hugs!

  2. What a fabulous post Lynn outlining all the fun pieces you made on your workshop, what a lot of techniques you covered. I adore your quilting too, you are such a multi talented lady. Looking forward to seeing you back in action. Xxx

  3. Oh my word Lynn, all I can say is, you certainly came back with a bang! Those workshop pieces look totally AMAZING!!! You lucky soul being able to attend those workshops. The colours on the Tyvek look incredible, love, love, love, the other pieces are stunning too, so much creativity" The quilting is fantastic as well! Multi talented indeed!!!

  4. Such interesting things you have made, love the idea of the campsite fire for the quilt for your son!

    Lucy x

  5. Wow, the workshops must have been fantastic to come away with so many wonderful creations! I love the Tyvek one, just got some, not too sure about using it though - lol! Your quilting skills are superb, I think both pieces are amazing! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Oh my gosh, I just love you more and more with every passing day! I never knew you were a quilter and this makes my heart bubble over! I was sewing up a storm about a year ago, but moving into the smaller room made me give up. Too hard to clean and swap out projects and mixed media is so messy! Your quilts are both amazing!!! The workshop looks like a total blast. So do you live in TX? We were at Ft. Hood for 6 years. Hugs, Autumn

  7. Oh Goodness Lynn, what an amazing array of techniques and beautiful pieces you've been making - It looks like you had an amazing time - how lucky you are. I am in love with the campfire quilt - it really is exquisite and a lovely idea for a wedding gift. I want to get my Tyvek out now and just 'have a go' - I'm feeling very inspired having seen this wonderful blog post!
    Diana xx

  8. Lynn, you have been very busy and came back with some cool stuff to share! These are all just amazing and look like they were fun to try. I think my favorite is the Tyvek - love that texture! I didn't know you quilted - I love your squares and what a great idea! Looking forward to seeing more from you again :-) Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving some love...it was nice hearing from your again!

  9. You are absolutely outstanding!!!! That tyvek stuff is incredible and it got me to laughing because I live in a new neighborhood and I'm seeing that stuff wrapped all over the new houses and I'm wondering how late is late enough that I can go peel some off and not get caught..LOL. I'm kidding of course, but my goodness...what if I just "arted" on their house? The new and improved graffiti!! See what you've done to me now?? LOVE all your project and thank you so much for sharing them!
    huge hugs,
    Lisa x

  10. Yippee! So happy you are back and blowing full steam ahead! Wowzers! You sure have been busy and what interesting design you have created. Never heard of this tyvek but it looks like loads of fun! I bet you had a blast with the 4 day workshop. Your quilt is so impressive and I have such mad respect for anyone that can see. Awesome sauce and amazeballs! I bet the hapy couple with totally enjoy this gem! TX is fun, I was in Arlington not too long ago. Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

  11. Glad to see you back Lynn!! Looks like you've been keeping busy, so many wonderful little experiments! I do love me some Tyvek, and the acrylic shaving cream results are super fun!! Love your quilt, I'm impressed with anyone who has the patience for that! lol. See you out in blogland! hugs :)

  12. GOODNESS GRACIOUS! This is all fabulous - this first technique on what/ TYVEK? Every piece is just DAMNfanTASTIC! Wish I could have some tutorials in these -- WOW!
    Sandy xx

  13. Lynn, It is all too fabulous for me to take in!
    The sublime textures and colours you worked with, I want to reach out and feel that texture beneath my fingertips. Incredible artistry on display especially as you move from paper to fabric so seamlessly, an immense talent you have.

  14. What an amazing post full of delights! That piece of Tyvek is even more stunning than the springtime one - and with the gilding it looks just fabulous. I love all the creative ideas and effects from the workshop - clearly very inspiring - and the quilting is a whole new side of you (from my perspective!)... simply wonderful!
    Alison x

  15. Blimey Lynn, this was DEFINITELY the course for you! LOVE each and every piece you created here x

  16. Wow, Lynn, drooling here, love, love, love the tyvek pieces...those colours are just amazing! The other experiments paper plate, marbling and skins are fab too and then you just drop in some striking and amazing quilt designs....wonderful work Lynn! Ruth xx

  17. fantastic pieces! id love to learn how to go about using tyvek and styrofoam trays/containers...can you give me an idea where i can see? or just what to do? your work is fantastic!