Sunday, June 19, 2016

Playing with Fabric for Paper Artsy!

I love the latest PaperArtsy challenge to use fabric.   As a longtime art quilter, I adore fabric and thus was a bit disheartened to recall that I have shipped my entire quilt studio to the new house across the country, with nary a scrap of fabric around.

I thought about using a piece of clothing, but I've cleaned out my closets and kind of need to hang onto what is left, lol!

Then I saw Ruth and Darcy's posts.... and somehow seeing these clicked my brain to recall I do have a nice stash of Sari remnants, just waiting to be used!  But how to do this?  I tossed around a few ideas involving matt medium or other glues.... but worried that the teacups I wanted to die cut would not appreciate such a hard layer (and I wasn't sure how dye-fast the Sari strips are).  Then I thought about all the double stick tape I have, some of it in a very wide roll (5 inches).

And it worked!  I love the shadings.  This is a piece of cardstock, with a large piece of double sided tape applied to the front, and peeled of its second protective layer so I could place down the Sari strips.

I did this in each of the three colors (but forgot to take a picture of the teal - oops).

Now for the cutting - and yes, it worked, with virtually no fraying, just the odd bit of side piece poking out.  Gotta love those steel rule dies!  I did place the fabric side down, so the steel would cut toward the back of the shape.  For those of you not familiar with this die, the little white lines on the middle blue and coral cups are actual cuts - this is the white edge of the underlying paper.  Normally, I would ink this, but it will not show in the final piece.

These remind me of Fiesta Ware, so popular here!

I decided to use some of my new PaperArtsy Infusion Powders to make a background to complement these fun fabric cups.  I used Royal Blood (a gorgeous blue), Sunset Beach (a lovely coral), and A Bit Jaded (fabulous teal).

I loved this initial application, but decided to keep going.... But will definitely make some  pieces in future where I stop here - the vibrancy and mixing is all so gorgeous.

After the initial application of powder (first only with Royal Blood and Sunset Beach), I blotted and dried, and repeated.  And then added the Jade - just what I needed to pull in that third color of Sari strips!  And I love the depth the walnut crystals add; it looks like a pretty stone!

And here is the finished piece.  I have made this in my EverythingArt journal, sadly neglected for many months.  Need to remedy that, and this is a great start!   I've been longing to use this die since I received it many moons past, so hooray!! Sure does help to clean out the workspace, lol!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you've time, please do leave a comment, as I appreciate them all, and YOU!  xxx Lynn

I've linked this to the current PaperArtsy challenge


  1. Unbelievable, Lynn! This is such a creative and beautiful use of the strips and Infusions. Love the colors to pieces and love how creatively you approached the theme. Hugs, Autumn

  2. What fun and full of wonderful colour and texture. Off to pin this one xxx

  3. Wow, Lynn, such a clever idea! Both the cups and the background look fantastic and what fun use of those sari ribbons!

  4. Lynn, this is so clever and turned out beautifully! I love the colors of your sari ribbons and your idea of using double-sided adhesive was brilliant!

  5. Love your creative journey with this one - the sari cups look delightful. I have some similar silk remnants somewhere which I like to hold and stroke, but I'm starting to see other possibilities now... Lovely to see your first Infusions playtime too - I'm guessing we'll be seeing quite lot more.
    Alison x

  6. How very clever are you? I love how you used the gorgeous sari material to make the cups, they look fabulous!! I just order some Infusions, can't wait to use them now.... Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Gosh golly miss Molly! What a genius idea to use the sari and those dies are cut extraordinarily well. Fantabulous use of everything and such a creative and original design. I want to reach out and touch these divine cups. Hugz! ~Niki

  8. Lynn, it's going to be an inspired day! I get to play catch up with YOU today on my limited computer use time! Yippee! and what a start to my day! This is such a clever way to use those tea cups. "Out of limitations..." The infusions look fabulous on that background, and I agree about the look of stone. Now these are on my wish list! Love this design!

    I had such a big laugh reading Gertie's comments about my Crazy Cats tag. So here is a message for her: Gertie, I'm not quite sure if you should be typing until you learn how to properly use a keyboard (maybe you do, but from the sound of it you might not)...Roger, my oversized bundle of joy has gotten me into plenty of trouble with his "typing", even just last evening! Biskit whined her approval of your lovely comment, and thinks you must love the sardines, something she has never indulged in.

    Well, here comes Roger to do his typing for the morning, so I must say ta,ta for now! Hugs to Lynn and a nice big scratch under the chin for Gertie!

  9. Been meaning to hop across, love your teacups, they are just wonderful! Thanks for the shout out as well Lynn. Ruth xx