Friday, October 7, 2016

Life update!

My gosh, it has been ages since I've been here with you!  Not that I am not thinking about it, but life has gotten somewhat more complex, though all in a good way!

It is a complicated telling, but essentially I am moving 90% of my belongings to my new home in Idaho on the other coast.  You can see me in the midst of this in this picture.  The movers come on October 26, and believe it or not, I've a lot more to do, like the kitchen and closets....

Why not move it all?  Because I will not move there permanently until June of 2018.  Nonetheless I am moving so many things because I will be in my new home for six months starting in January.  I've sold this home to dear friends (or will have in early December).  They want to renovate some areas of this lovely but very old house.  So while I am away, I want to leave them as much space as possible to do whatever they need or want to do!

I am leaving behind the bare minimum of dishes, clothes, furniture, etc. (and ok, slightly more than that for art stuff, lol!) because when I return I will rent my former home from my friends whilst they ready their home for sale.  Whew!

So, not a lot of time or space to do artful things, but am trying to follow everyone's wonderful makes in the meantime.  And I am trying to learn how to sketch/paint in watercolor as I figured that is something I can travel with readily since I will be in Nicaragua for 4 weeks in early 2017 for my sabbatical.  Here are a few images.... I am taking Gina Rossi Armfield's "No Excuses Watercoloring" class online - it is wonderful!!  And do not judge the class by my work - I am just learning :-)

Hope to join back in the creation part of blogland come the new year, if not before.... and in the meantime, thank you all for such incredible inspiration and beautiful projects!!  

Miss you all!  xxx Lynn


  1. Wow what a move Lynn, so much packing to get done but good luck with it all, it sounds like it is going to be a long process. So glad you have found some creative time to learn new techniques and what a great start you have made. Take care xxx

  2. My best wishes for your life projects, Lynn! Have fun with your online class.

  3. Hope all goes well for you Lynn, it is a big move but you sound so incredibly organised! I love your watercolour project, you made a great start! Nicaragua sounds interesting!! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. I am thrilled that you are that much close to these big dreams of yours. I love that you are selling your home to friends, so sweet! I don't envy you at all, I don't deal well with big changes like that! But am just beaming with happiness for you and the possibilities that await you in 2018. Thanks for the update. Hugs, Autumn

  5. It sounds like you have it all planned with military precision - it must be so nice to be dealing with friends rather than strangers - I wish you well with all your plans.
    Your watercolour course looks so interesting and I love your project - so delicate and pretty - afternoon tea and blue and white china, how perfectly lovely!
    Hugs, Diana x

  6. Yippee for your move and it sure seems like you are a super busy lady! Wow, Icant believe how much your life is changing right now. Everything is coming together. Your new place will be so relaxing and fun. Now your watercolor design is splendid! What a fun class to take and I think that your design turned out magnificently awesome sauce! Round of applause to you dearie! Hugz!~Niki

  7. Wow - that does sound complicated - but how great that you and your friends have found a way to make the house-moving as generous and flexible as possible. And it will all be completely worth it in the long run.

    I can vouch for the travel-worthiness of watercolouring, and I love your early work here. What a journey 2017 will be - travelling, art-wise and house-moving too.
    Alison x