Sunday, June 17, 2018

I'm back (almost!)

Hello!  Actually not sure anyone is out there anymore as I have been so long in posting here! 

I am currently on my way to my new home in Idaho, about which I've written before.  This time it is permanent as I am retiring June 30, to turn to my dabbling and experiments full time!  I hope you'll come visit when I post something about all that, hopefully later this summer. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to follow this final (I hope!) cross-country trip, I've started a travel blog here:

As you can see, Prudence loves earrings, as do I, and like me, sometimes they are a bit too big for her look.  Unlike me, she is really into makeup, but I guess if I were a potato, I probably would be as well!  And as you can also see, Blogger and I still have some format issues to work through, lol!

I  hope to post each day on our trip - I will arrive home sometime in the afternoon of Friday, June 22, so only a few plus days to go - cannot wait!!

This is the 4th cross-country road trip I've made since July 2016 - and always on a tight schedule due to one thing or other.  No more after this, yay!! 

This time I am traveling, as I was last summer back to the east coast, in my wonderful conversion van, which is basically a commercial van they remake into comfortable, even luxurious, living quarters.  This is the only shot I can get Blogger to import.... but basically, I have a two-burner propane range, a small but ample fridge, a sink, a toilet, and I could make a shower thing (but I don't bother).   We also have a sofa that converts to a full size bed, and a small flat-screen TV/DVD thing, which I've yet to use as well.  Air conditioning, plus furnace.... as I said, quite luxurious!  And just the thing for trips like this, since I don't have to haul pet/my stuff into motels and back again.... and in a beautiful setting most of the time!

 Here is my trusty co-pilot, Rascal

 Navigation is apparently quite tiring, lol!

At any rate, I hope we can reconnect soon, including my very tardy visits to you all, with all of your fantastic, beautiful makes!!
xx Lynn