Thursday, July 30, 2015

Second Finnabair Workshop Piece

It has been a little quiet on the blog, as I have been out west with my family..... I'm getting ready to put up a house on our farm in rural Idaho in the Northwestern US.  It will be a vacation spot for several more years at least, but eventually I will settle here if all goes well.

This evening, as we were readying for dinner, my sister-in-law Beth noticed the full moon over the ridge....

But on to the piece from the second day of the Finnabair workshop at Donna Downey's studio in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this month!

This is a photo heavy post for my own records, so please feel free to skip down to the final shots.

We started again with three 9 x 12 stretched canvases, with the freedom to design for an East-West orientation or one going North-South.  As I did the last piece in North-South, I decided to try the East-West view even though I don't have a lot of wall space to accommodate that at home.

First, we built up the background with some stenciled texture paste, paper, some left over canvas from Donna's stash, and a few torn strips of Finn's resist canvas.  After arranging all the multiple and varied three dimensional embellishments to our liking, gluing down with a clear drying medium such as Prima's soft gels in matte, we coated everything with several coats of white gesso.

We then started adding bursts of color, using Primary Elements that had been mixed with water in small spray bottles.  I also added some water, to get some drips and blending happening.

We then added some of Finn's wonderful bling, such as micro beads, Art Sugar, Glass Glitter, and Mica Flakes.

Then we added some color accents/further definition with water color pencils, blended with a bit of water once applied.

And here are shots of each panel, followed by the three grouped together.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you've time, please do comment!  I always love to hear your thoughts!  xx Lynn


  1. Wow Lynn, another fantastic make!!! I love how you put the heart in the centre of the middle panel and arranged the other embellishments around it. The textures are wonderful and I absolutely LOVE your colour choices!!

    Your home build house plan sounds exciting too, what a stunning place to retire.....

  2. Wow Lynn, this is just fantastic! I am so jealous you got to take one of the Finnabair workshops, that must have been so much fun! That piece of land looks just breathtaking, what a great place to build a home! happy weekend :)

  3. Gorgeous projects Lynn! Love all the texture and beautiful shimmery detail!

  4. Wow, just stunning! I love everything about it - colour, texture, composition - it's jaw-droppingly gorgeous!

  5. Wow! Very very cool! Love the triptych! Your palette is so soft and fresh. Lovely!

  6. It is fabulous , so beautiful, and love yout shimmer and pearls !! Thank`s for visiting my blog :-)

  7. So beautiful, Lynn - the colours are so delicate, but have great depth nonetheless from all the shimmering layers. Love the spread across three canvases - what an amazing piece of wall art. Love the photo of your Idaho setting too - what a place to build a house, and what an adventure.
    Alison xx