Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Time for Paper Artsy!

I decided to use the latest Paper Artsy challenge "Time" to explore a faux patina technique I came across in Nancy Reyner's book Acrylic Illuminations.

I started by cutting the Tim Holtz Weathered Clock and Ornamental dies from card, and then painted them metallic gold and copper, respectively.  I was curious to see how the patina looked on copper.
Once dry, I applied some Golden fiber paste with my finger, making some areas quite thick, and smudging other areas.  I made sure to leave a few bits clear of any paste as well.

The patina effect comes from painting over the fiber paste with Iridescent Bronze acrylic paint diluted with a good bit of water - I think the ratio is around 50:50, but I just kept adding water until the water turned a lovely light turquoise color.  This color is then painted over the fiber paste, providing an absolutely wonderful patina!

 I also love how it worked on the copper piece, which would be the face of my clock.

 Next, I created my background, by apply a generous amount of modeling paste to a gessoed piece of card the size of my journal, and pouncing it with a fairly dry baby wipe to get a rough texture.

Once dry, I coated the page in a rather sloppy way with Pumice Stone and Hickory Smoke Distress paints, spritzed lightly with water, and then pounced again with my baby wipe.  I was going for an old stone look, but it looks more like cement..... oh well.  Next time, instead of pouncing the paste, I will roughly swipe it to get more of a stone feel.

I added two other pieces from my scrap pile, both from the Tim Holtz Baroque die, embossed with a flourished Texture Fades embossing folder which is one of my favorites.  One piece is clear acetate which I had "silvered" with alcohol ink, and the other is a bit of card I had used to mop up a little "oops" moment I had when painting for another project with Tarnished Bronze Distress paints.  I used the patina technique on this latter as well, along with some Ideology letters to spell time.

For a finish, I decided to put my hand to making some flowers, following Pamellia's great video tutorial.  I cut a bunch of flowers from the Tattered Florals die and colored them with a large range of distress inks, to represent each of the four seasons.   I was quite chuffed with the results, and how readily they all went together.

I ended up covering most of my additional pieces, although some of the acetate still shows through with the lovely embossing.

And here is the final project, and another detailed shot.... I'd have liked a more flowing cascade look, but as I was working at night in a hotel room, I didn't have quite the patience or perspective I do at home, lol!  And as my next post will explain, I was lucky to have any creativity at all left in me....

I will be entering this at  Time Challenge at Paper Artsy.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you've time, please leave a comment!  I always love hearing your thoughts, and hope you enjoy your visit!  xxx Lynn


  1. Hello Lynn,
    This has a beautiful Bg and palette;a wonderful project.

  2. Yum, love the distressed clock and background texture - and I think the flowers are cascading very nicely. I'm surprised you were able to do anything after the day's workshop!
    Alison xx

  3. Holy wowzers Lynn, you just made my day today with this beauty!! Thanks for the mention, you really rocked those flowers and you made so many of them, holy moses!! Just loving your hot fiery colours, so vibrant and vintage!! I finally figured out how to add your blog to my reading list, so now I can keep up to date with your posts! A big thank you for all of your support on my blog and social media outlets, I really appreciate your thumbs ups and your kind comments!! big hugs :)

  4. This is absolutely beautiful Lynn - I love the patina effect you did, it's just amazing, and the flowers are stunning in all those beautiful colours.