Saturday, April 25, 2015

Eco Printing from Margie's Yard

My neighbor, Margie, is a wonderful gardener, and her spring gardens always look so inviting as the first of the bulbs show their full glory.  As I live across the street, I have a premier view!  Inspired by the eco printing techniques used by Diana Taylor and Marilyn Stevens, and having Margie's permission to cut flowers on their way out,  I decided to try my hand, using a graniteware canning pot with the jar rack and two wall tiles.

Nothing made from them yet, but love the images.  Note to self:  Layer so that the next layer is a NEW piece  of paper :-)  I did not do this, and so have beautiful images on both sides.  I thus will likely make a small book so I can enjoy them all without having to select which I like better!  I am also curious to try soaking the paper first, and using alum which may have a nice effect on the colors, per Diana Trout.

Thanks for visiting..... look forward to posting some makes soon.   xx Lynn


  1. Oh my goodness, Lynn - these are so beautiful. I will have to check out the links you've shared and see how you achieved these stunning effects. Wonderful!
    Alison xx

  2. Couldn't agree with Alison more! These are WONDERFUL Lynn! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Jenny x

  3. And I will add my name to my two friends above, wow, I recently discovered Diana Taylor's work, (can't quite remember but it might actually have been through you).... these look stunning!!! Like Jenny above, I now can't wait to see what you do with them, the yellow and purple combination looks great. I keep telling myself I want to try this too....., just need to get the equipment together..... thanks so much for giving me another push with these truly stunning examples!!

  4. OMG Lynn,,,,,,what a incredible effect you did,,,,,,It is a true treasure to watch,,,,,Thanks for sharing them


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